The Gigi Residence pursues an eco-sustainable holiday policy.

An eco-sustainable holiday

This is the reason that led us to invest in the protection of the environment with solar panels on the terrace for the production of domestic hot water, condensation central heating, low thermal dispersion fixtures, home waste collection, high efficiency light bulbs and faucets with water saving nozzle.

Tips for an eco-friendly holiday:

  • Always carry out separate collection using the separate bins in the yard.
  • Do not open the windows if you are using the air conditioning;
  • Always close the door of the room where you are, so as not to disperse the cool
  • Place pots and pans on the plate whose size is proportional to the diameter.
  • When cooking, cover pots and pans with the lid
  • No need to keep light bulbs on when they are not needed.
  • Do not lower the temperature of the refrigerator under 3 ° C and do not open it unnecessarily, do not put in hot food, do not fill it too much.
  • Start the washing machine only when fully loaded.
  • Do not wash at temperatures above 60 ° C.
  • Use the oven only at the right temperature, do not open it frequently during cooking, turn it off just before the end of cooking to take advantage of the residual heat.
  • When not using the TV, switch it off using the main button on the appliance and do not leave the red light on (stand-by).

Gigi's Residence

The Gigi's Residence is a residence with swimming pool situated in the front of the sea, in a quiet and central place. It faces a big park and is an ideal place for a relaxed holiday and as a starting point for a trip to the nearby city of Rimini and to the enchanting interior, rich of history and landscape.

The apartments have large balconies with sea view, private bathroom, shower, satellite TV, intercom, safe, air conditioning, kitchen, fridge with freezer. Modernly furnished they are made with natural and ecological materials.

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